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Halszka Oginska, PhD with "habilitation"

Associate Professor of psychology at the Institute of Applied Psychology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow. From 1985 to 2011 she was affiliated with the Department of Ergonomics at the Jagiellonian University Medical College; she taught psychology and ergonomics to the students of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences. She received her PhD from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in 1998; habilitation in 2013.

From 2011 she has been working in the Institute of Applied Psychology, JU, as a lecturer and researcher. She has been supervisor of over 80 master’s theses. Currently she conducts seminars on “Psychology of time” and “Psychology of pleasure”, and a course on “Psychology and design”.

She is an author/co-author of over 70 research publications. Her research deals mainly with chronopsychology and chronoergonomics, i.e. human functioning in time (individual differences in the circadian rhythmicity, tolerance to atypical work schedules, sleepiness, safety in shiftwork etc.). Her current interests focus on sleep deficit and its consequences, traced on behavioural and neuropsychological levels, and on psychology of hedonic experience.
She serves as a consultant to the members and students of the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, as her second passion is cognitive ergonomics and emotion in design. She is a member of the Polish Ergonomics Association, the Working Time Society, and the interdisciplinary Commission on Ergonomics of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. She served as the Secretary of ERGONOMIA – An International Journal of Ergonomics and Human Factors during 2002-2009. 

She is currently involved at the MCB JU in the realization of the research project "The dual role of blue light – an interdisciplinary study on effects of the short wavelength visible light on circadian regulation, neural aspects of cognitive and affective functioning, and on the light contribution to degeneration and pathologies of the retina" (PI: Prof. Tadeusz Sarna, PhD).