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Magda Gawlowska, PhD

I hold PhD in psychology. I defended my thesis in 2016 at the Jagiellonian University (supervisor: prof. Tadeusz Marek). Since obtaining my MA in 2012, I'm closely tied with the Jagiellonian University, where I conduct research and teach.

My main area of expertise is EEG research. In my work, I focus on the neural underpinnings of decision making, error-processing, and dynamics of learning. I've been involved in NCN-founded projects exploring neural markers of burnout syndrome (PI: Krystyna Golonka, PhD) and temperamental differences (PI: Justyna Mojsa-Kaja, PhD), where I was responsible for designing, conducting and analyzing EEG experiments.

I gained my scientific experience taking part in scientific conferences (e.g. SPR annual meeting), workshops (e.g. EEGlab workshop in Aspet, France; Radboud Summer School with Mike X. Cohen etc.), and internships (e.g. at Stony Brook University, USA, under the supervision of Greg Hajcak PhD).

Up until now, I've co-authored more than a dozen research papers, published in the JCR journals.