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New findings in sleep research!

New findings in sleep research!

New findings in sleep research!

We are very happy to share that our team has been involved in a very inspiring interdysciplinary project on sleep. Our researchers (Dr Anna Bereś, Dr Aleksandra Domagalik, Dr Magdalena Fąfrowicz, Dr hab. Halszka Ogińska, and Prof. Tadeusz Marek) together with a team of physicists and biophysicists used EEG, actigraphy and behavioural measures to study human cognition under a sleep deprivation.

The findings have called attention of the general public, as the topic is of a great relevance for many people nowadays. Gazeta Wyborcza and Polska Times has interviewed the researchers about many aspects of this study, and the topic of sleep in general. We recommend these great reads!

Congratulations to the researchers, and of course to all the sleepy participants! :)

See the full publication here 

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